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The other day, my nephew was messing with some stuff on the coffee table. I told him to stop messing with it. Instead of just leaving it on the table and leaving it alone, he handed it to me. I was thinking, "Why not just leave it on the table?" Why hand it to me instead of leaving it where you found it?" Then, I had an ah hah moment! It was too much of a temptation for him to leave it on the table. If he would have left it on the table, he would have messed with it again! Isn't that amazing!

Alot of time in our Christian walk, we do thing we are not supposed to do. We often leave it on the "table", thinking that we can just leave it alone. Often time, we cannot! We tend to go around in circles. We tend to go back to that temptation repeatedly. We tend to think that we can break those bad habits by ourselves. Most of the time, we cannot. We need help breaking those habitual patterns. When my nephew handed me the stuff off the table, he done so to prevent getting into trouble. Would that help us out? Would it help if we told someone about our struggle? I think he was demonstrating our need for accountability. We need someone to hold us accountable to keep us on the best path in life. Today, make it a point to tell someone (who you know has your back) about what you are struggling with. Let them help you stay focused on the positive things that you want in life. If that person is unable to help you, find someone else. So not be embarrassed about you flaws because everyone has them. Thier flaws may not look like yours, but they have them!

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