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Free Will

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

What a gentleman God is! He is so gracious that He give us space to make our own decisions! We can choose to love or hate. We can choose to help or not help someone. We have the freedom to choose to do whatever we want! Man, that is awesome! Is it really? Do we really have freedom to do what we want to do? I mean do we not make a decision to make a good choice or a bad choice when faced with a dilemma? Yep! I was getting onto one of my children a few weeks ago because they were not doing something I told them to do. I simple told them, "You can do what I say and not get in trouble. You can do it your way and get in trouble. Pick your path!" It is the same way in life! We can choose to make good choices and be lead down a productive path. We can choose to make bad decisions and be led down a destructive path. Either way we choose, we are using our free will to do it. For me, I feel like I would rather chose to follow the life principles of Jesus Christ. 

Paraphrasing Romans 10, it says people should not live by their own righteousness, people should be right with God. Also, those who confess that Jesus is Lord and believe in their heart that God raised Jesus from the dead will be saved. With your heart believe and justify that God raised Jesus from the grave and profess your faith through your mouth. Accepting Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior is just the beginning. In order for us to know what is right, we must study His word. We must get an understanding of how to make great decisions and change our pattern of thinking. Keep in mind, God will not force us to have a relationship with Him.  God wants a relationship with His people without an obligation to serve Him. He wants Free Will love! 

Key Verses: Romans 10 and Hebrew 10

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