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What A Temptation

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

Temptation, Temptation, Temptation! Temptation is everywhere! I am not just talking about lustful temptation, but all types of temptation. You may be tempted to knock someone's head off or over eat. Whatever the thing that you struggle with now or in the past, is a weak spot. Weak spots have a tendency to tempt you to fall into temptation. The old testament law is still relevant but we do not have feel overwhelmed by the law. The law before grace condemned us and did not give most of the Israelite the chance at salvation. There was not a direct contact with God. The Israelite had to sacrifice animals to atone for their sins. Just imagine the constant worry of trying to find a perfect sacrifice to be made right with God! I already over analyze everything! I would be in an anxious state all the time! Now, under the grace of God, are we not to obey the laws from the old testament? The commandments that tells us what is bad and what is good? We should follow the law but we are not bound by the law nor the sinful thoughts and other ways that we have been accustomed to. When we come to Christ, we have to be weened off of sin like a baby from the breast or bottle. We have to learn the better ways to live and think. When Christ died for our sins, true believers received the holy spirit to help us through life. Part of this help is convicting us to our sinful nature so we can change. The process of becoming a better person is to make smarter choices and reprogram our thinking. Yes, temptation will still be there at every turn, but with time temptation will be easier to reject!

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