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Transfer Of Energy

I remember when I was a little girl and going to spend the summer with my mom's side of the family. We would have so much fun! We could walk to wherever we wanted to go. We were free with minimum supervision. When I would return home at the end of summer, I would still be in the mode of doing what I wanted to do. My mom would tell me that she did not like my attitude. She said I would come back a different person after staying with my distant family members. I knew she was right, even at my young age. I had gotten used to being able to do what I wanted and observed the family dynamic from others. Family dynamic and attitudes that did not fit an ideal relationship. 

Transfer of Energy

In Proverbs 22: 24-25, It talks about the transferring of energy. When we are in an environment, we tend to pick up the energies of other people. We tend to allow people's fears, attitudes, faith, happiness, anger, desires, and etc., influence us. You may say, "I am not easily influenced" or "No one can influence me because I set the standard", but how true is that? Imagine starting on a job and you are so happy, but you start to notice that people complain all the time. You notice that the work environment is not what you thought. Do you start complaining like the other people? Imagine growing up and all you see is dysfunction. Do you not think that some of that dysfunction rubbed off on you? Do you think you are not effected by the thinks around you at all? I am not saying that all energy is bad energy. You can be influenced by someone who is grounded in faith and people who see the good in all things. However, you do not have to be watchful and on guard of good energy but you must be on guard of bad energy. 

If you have a broken foundation that you are trying to make solid, you need to stay away from people who are negative! Even, when your foundation is solid, take those people with negative energies in doses. Do not hang around then all the time. If you work with negative people and they come to you complaining, tell them that you do not want to hear it. Just do your best to guard your heart from negative energy because it can be transferred!

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