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Self Sacrifice

Today we hear so much about self help this and self help that ! It is fine to seek help and direction from motivational speakers or writers. The 1st step to healing in any particular area in your life is acknowledging that you are flawed and need guidance. A lot of the self help that is available addresses what you can do in your own power! However, they leave out an important element that is most effective, God! Matthew 16:24 - 26 (MSG) tells us that self help is no help at all, self sacrifice is the way, His way, to finding yourself, your true self!

Self sacrifice is giving up your interest to help others or advance a cause. People self sacrifice all the time. Healthcare workers and researchers sacrificed their lives when they treat patients with deadly diseases or research unknown viruses. You may sacrifice your time with your family to provide help to someone else. When you self sacrifice your interest for God's interest you will learn more about yourself! When you begin to know yourself, the causes behind your issues will be revealed. Revelation is the path to healing!

I am not saying that self help books or motivational speakers are not helpful. They provide great information but alot of them leave an important piece out. Studying your bible or reading devotionals will help you self reflect and bring you into who God says you are! Knowing who you are will help you heal from past and current pain. The movie from your past will stop replaying in your mind. You will be able to look deep within yourself and heal from your pain. Healing will give you the ability to move forward with your life!

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