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My Rock

Psm 19:12

Who can discern their own errors? David asked God for his hidden faults. God is our Rock and Redeemer.

El Sali = God is my Rock (Hebrew)

Yahweh Tsuri-The Lord Is My Rock (Jewish)

The obvious metaphor of the rock points to God being strong, steadfast, and consistent, not easily moved or shaken and a refuge for those in need. When the storms of life come, storming all around you, remember Yahweh Tsuri. You need not be shaken.

God is immovable, unbreakable, a safe place for retreat, and a fortress in battle! He is our true source of strength, our firm foundation, our support, and our defense. Cling to Him amidst all circumstances! He will give you a firm place to stand! -Karen O'Reilly

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