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Loveable? Or Not?


 stands for loyalty.  When we love someone we are to be loyal to him or her. We should not portray the people we love. 1 John 3:11 says we should love each other.  1 Timothy 5: 1-2 tells us how we are supposed to treat other people. We are suppose to treat young women as sisters, older women like mothers, young men like brothers, and older men like fathers. When we portray a loved one, we portray ourselves. (That is a whole different conversation)


stands for outward love.  Most people know when someone does not care for them. If you do not care for a particular person, you do not have to say it.  Your actions speak way louder than your words. Sound familiar?  People can tell if a person does not like them. Love should be an inward and outward expression.


stands for vivacious. This means to be full of life and animation; lively. When we love we are suppose to be lively, full of life.  When people look at us we are supposed to be radiating with love.  We should love everyone, even our enemies. It tells us in Matthew 5:44, “But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who prosecute you.”  It may be hard, but it will become easier once you put it into action. At the end of the day, they can not make or break you! God has the say at the end of the day!


stands for everlasting life.  1 John 3:14 puts it very simple, “We know that we have passed from death to life, because we love each other.  Anyone who does not love remains in death.”  So, love is a requirement and an indication that we live in the light and not the darkness.  Love each other like Christ loves us.  That is what we as Christians are to do, no matter the circumstances.  None of us are perfect and God loves us! So, we should love other people the same way!

One step at a time! We are called to a higher calling that our own individual circles. People in this world go through so much that other people do not see. Give people the benefit of the doubt the 1st time!

Until next time, reach out to that person you find it hard to love (either because they mistreat you or you mistreat them) and tell them you love them.  Nurture the relationship no matter how hard it may be.

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