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Going In Circles

You never realize how easy it is to fall back into old habits until it is too late. It is easy in life to return to a familiar ways of thinking or actions from your past. When you are far from Christ (not reading the bible, not praying) your mind tends to take a trip down that familiar road from the past. Your mind starts thinking negative thoughts. It is like you are sinking into a bottomless pit and you feel like you can not stop falling. It is like you keep Going In Circles, not making any progress. You might start having suicidal thoughts or become depressed or angry all the time. Some thoughts might be induced by the negative people at your job or negative people in your home. There is light at the top of that pit!

There is Good News! God is still there for YOU!

He is waiting with His arms open for you to come back to Him!

Keep pushing forward in your life. Focus on the blessing in your life and learn from the troubles. Pray continually to keep your faith in what God can do! I found that reading the book of Romans helped me set my mind at ease and gain insight into God. Hopefully, you will read the book of Romans and it will do the same for you!

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