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Church? Ugh!

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

A lot, of people ask the question, "Why should I go to Church? Church? Ugh!" Well, I am here to let you know that even though you have your own relationship with God, fellowship with other people who believe in Christ, is important. Yes, followers of Christ is the Church but meeting weekly or more with a congregation is vital. Iron sharpens iron! Which means that fellow believers can help keep you encouraged and strong in your faith. It is nothing like hear someone's testimony and it touches your heart. It touches your heart because you can relate and you know that you are not alone in your troubles. 

Another benefit, is the ability to use the gifts that God gave you. Whether you can sing, organize, cook, nurture, or whatever, you are needed within the Church. For new believer, being apart of a congregation will help you find a spiritual mentor. The mentor will help answer any questions and help guide you through your journey. We are all here to encourage one another daily, so that none of us are hardened by the deceiver. So, do not be detoured from attending Church because you are wanted!

mean people....

Scripture: Hebrews 1-3

Add On Question

Instead of asking “Do I have to go to church?” it is better to ask whether we can live our faith in isolation. Can we maintain spiritual growth? Can we maintain an active prayer life? It is important to look at these things over a length of time. What's our true heart behind not attending church?

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