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Bare Your Flaws

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

Too often we hide behind a mask because we do not want people to see our flaws. Everyone deal with some type of issue within their life. The issues that people face vary depending on many factors. I remember when I first married my husband. So many issues plagued me. Some of which reminded me of my childhood. Imagine trying to start a new life with your partner for life, but your relationship with your sister fall apart. Then, you realize that your friendship was not a friendship at all. However, before all that you realize that the plans you had made for you life was not happening. Needless to say, I was depressed. I was hurt and did not want anyone to know. I did not want to tell my mother or anyone because I did not want to be bombarded with questions. I did not want anyone in my business. I was hiding my flaws..... I think back on the opportunities that I missed to heal quicker. If I would have let myself be open and transparent, I may have received some great counsel. You may be asking how where you depressed but you were in relationship with God? Well, it was the relationship with God that kept me fighting through my depression. God knows everything that has happened in my life. He knows the feelings that I felt. So, building the relationship with Him, help me be transparent with Him. It helped me be REAL with myself. It helped me understand that everyone goes through struggles and it is OK to speak up. We can not hide anything from God, He knows you and me. So, Bare Your Flaws! Do not be afraid to show your battle scars, it may save you!

Genesis 3:8

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