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Authentic Father

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

An unconditional love is sought after by majority of the people on this planet. We long to be accepted without any boundaries. The yearning to be cherished and comforted exceed any amount of money (if we are being true to ourselves)! Some of us were raised with earthly fathers and some other substitute for a father. If you did not have a father figure in your life, just keep reading! Our natural fathers are not perfect. When raising us, they did the best they could. They made mistake or they are making mistakes. They are human. The was they behave is only as good as what has been poured into their inner being!

Do not feel discouraged! There is a Heavenly Father! There is an Authentic Father who knows your deepest needs! His name is Jehovah Jirah! He is the True Father. The father of all creation! He will

- comfort you when things are falling apart,

- guide you through life's decisions,

- shape you into who you are meant to be,

- love you unconditionally,

- be any and everything you need!

- God is the Authentic Father!

John 17:3 Amplified Version

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