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A Heart Thing

Kids are so amazing! They just go day to day without any major worries. They can be mad one minute and love you the next. Those are great qualities to have at any age level! However, when we get to a certain age in life, life hits us and changes our heart. That is why it is important to pray over your children while they are young and talk to them about life! That is the time when they are being shaped into the person they will be. That is the time when life have not hit them like a ton of bricks causing them to loose hope. When we loose hope we lack in faith that good things will happen. In certain circumstances we get caught in a depressed state because our heart was hardened by the circumstances in our life. That is why we should guard our hearts because it is A Heart Thing! We do not want life to shape who we are. We do not want life to change our mood and effect the people around us. So, remember it is A Heart Thing!

Key Verses: Proverbs 4:23 MSG; Hebrews 3:8 (Good News Translation)

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