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Holiday Blessings

Updated: Nov 20, 2021

The holiday season is a season of blessed moments that build new memories! They provide special encounters with loved ones and the less fortunate. Every season since starting Kaptive Kandles, we have created a theme for the holidays. We were trying to figure out the theme for this holiday and holiday blessings popped up. Different holidays are celebrated all over the world, but we were curious about the biblical holidays. I know that we celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas in the winter but what did they celebrate in the Bible? So, I looked up a few holy days (feasts) in the bible. I found the Sabbath, Passover and Unleavened Bread, the First of the Harvest, Feast of Weeks, and a few others. Focusing on the named holidays, they all had common themes.


Leviticus 23

The Sabbath -seventh day will be a special day of rest. It is a day for a holy meeting; you must not do any work.

The Passover and Unleavened Bread -eat bread made without yeast for seven days

-holy meeting, and you must not do any work 1st day

-seven days you will bring an offering made by fire to the Lord

- holy meeting on the seventh day, and on that day you must not do any regular work

The First of the Harvest -bring the first bundle of grain from your harvest to the priest and offer a male lamb, one year old, that has nothing wrong with it, as a burnt offering to the Lord

-offer a grain offering—four quarts of fine flour mixed with olive oil as an offering made by fire to the Lord; its smell will be pleasing to him. You must also offer a quart of wine as a drink offering. Until the day you bring your offering to your God, do not eat any new grain, roasted grain, or bread made from new grain.

The Feast of Weeks -two loaves of bread from your homes to be presented as an offering. Use yeast and four quarts of flour to make those loaves of bread; they will be your gift to the Lord from the first wheat of your harvest.

-one young bull, two male sheep, and seven male lambs that are one year old and have nothing wrong with them. Offer them with their grain offerings and drink offerings,

-offer one male goat for a sin offering and two male, one-year-old lambs as a fellowship offering.

- same day you will call a holy meeting; you must not do any work that day.

-When you harvest your crops on your land, do not harvest all the way to the corners of your field. If grain falls onto the ground, don’t gather it up. Leave it for poor people and foreigners in your country.


What is the common theme?

Each holy day required a holy meeting. Holy meetings were a day of repentance. They were a day of reflection on one's sins and their need of forgiveness! This is amazing to me because this requirement happened on special occasions. We are suppose to reflect on our shortcomings constantly because we want to become better individuals. It should not be a requirement or sense of obligation. It should be a yearning to be better and grow closer to God.

The blessings of the holidays is that we have a Savior that died for our sins. He made it easier to have a relationship with God. We do not have to sacrifice animal because Jesus sacrificed His life for us! That is the true Holiday Blessing!!!

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