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Fruits of Lebanon

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

Oh my goodness! Life is so busy, but are you being fruitful in your business? Are you being productive in the many things you have going on in your life? Sometimes we have so many things going on, we end up just going through the "motions" of life. Just existing is not good enough. We have to move in a productive manner with God at the center of it all. Throughout the bible, Lebanon has been mentioned several times. Biblical Lebanon was a place of big beautiful cedar trees and beautiful fruitful plants that smelled wonderful. It was often used to compare God's power and desire for us. God is a friend that has the power to give us peace and prosperity, giving us the ability to be fruitful. When we have so much going on, we may make mistakes or become overwhelmed. We may end up regretting the decisions we make, which often leave us feeling down and out. We may become depressed or angry. All these emotions make us uneasy. These choices we make could be ordained by God or just you. Just because they are from God, does not mean the situation will be comfortable. Thankfully, we can take comfort in the Prince of Peace. He will give us peace about our situation if we focus on Him. When we think about His goodness and know that a light is at the end of that situation, we will have peace. When we have peace, we can produce good fruit. Only then can we make smart decisions!

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